"Partnering with Sandy has brought me peace of mind and more time to achieve my goals. Sandy has not only taken the administrative tasks and projects off my plate, she brings true solutions to the table and understands the “big picture”. I knew within the first week of working with her that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. She is my guardian angel!”

                                                                              - Patti C., Newport Beach, CA

“Sandy is the single best asset on our business support team. In fact, calling her an assistant does not do her justice. We think of her as our Operations Manager.”

  - Brenda C., Edison Markets & Trading, New York

I have worked with Sandy for the past nine months and have found her to be detail-oriented, focused, and committed. She completes work efficiently, accurately, and reliably. She is willing to take on new challenges with appropriate training and gives 100% effort to whatever she is asked to do. She is resourceful and works well independently. She also shares resources and information generously. Sandy is a great VA for anyone looking to have their work completed with high quality and on time.

                                     - Dr. Rachna D. Jain, www.salesandmarketingcoach.com

 “I was especially pleased with Sandy’s ability to personally evaluate many situations by herself and bring events to a successful conclusion. I am confident that people will find her very efficient, trustworthy, loyal, competent, personable, and dedicated to the success of your business.”

- Bob N., Florida

“Sandy has an excellent skill set in always staying a step ahead of me in planning for future meetings, events, etc. This has extremely improved my productivity and allowed me to concentrate on the critical issues at hand. Her high productivity level and extremely efficient capability in all areas of responsibility are unmatched.”

- Judy S., Pennsylvania

“Not only is Sandy outstanding at the day-to-day tasks, her organizational skills in preparation for large meeting events have been invaluable to our company. You can’t go wrong!”

- Alan L., Florida