***My Efficient Assistant is an online administrative support service (virtual assistance), specializing in supporting Coaches, Authors, Speakers, and Solopreneurs.

We provide support from our professional home-office environment to ease the burden of the every day administrative tasks that a busy professional such as yourself encounters. With over 20 years of experience, My Efficient Assistant can be an added asset and partner to your business.

What Can All This Mean for You?

By becoming a client of My Efficient Assistant, whether you only need ten hours of service a month or several hours a month, this, in turn, allows you to:

Optimize Your Time – We can help you to use your time to the best possible advantage, whether it is spending more time with your friends and family, traveling, or building your business. Delegating the administrative tasks you have at hand to My Efficient Assistant will increase your productivity.

Maximize Your Profits – By increasing your productivity, you can maximize your bottom line. In addition, we save you money by not having to pay for employee benefits, payroll taxes, and insurance. No need for additional office space or equipment..

Organize Your Life – With the administrative burden off of your plate, and onto ours, we can help you to do what you do best; building your business! We can help to get you organized and keep you that way. Being organized will in turn give your more time, and help to increase your bottom line.

With today’s technology of the internet, fax, emails, and wireless devices, remote services are becoming the norm. So pick up the phone, or send an email – it’s time to delegate so you can Optimize your time, Maximize your profits, and Organize your life.

You will be able to earn more, work less, have more fun, and enjoy life!

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